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College is dumb..

I hate college, it has taken away virtually all of my friends

Avatar prudence *
06-27-06 21:15
Refresh my memory... because in a reply to my blog you seemed like you really knew me... but I don't know you. At least I can't put a name and a face to the blog. I may know you, but I may not have known that you have a blog. What's your name?
Avatar manderpander
07-05-06 13:56
AH!!! It's amanda Iannetta silly girl
Avatar prudence *
07-09-06 16:50
I figured as much but... I've known some Amandas in my time... none of which were as amazing as you of course. Hey, I still have the Children's Hour DVD and your bracelet. When could I stop by?

And what's the deal with college? I'm going to PCC and I love it. Maybe it's just Clackamas.
Avatar manderpander
07-09-06 17:33
ummmm now? anytime. I for some reason don't have your number now....umm maybe i should leave this on your just in case you don't read it...hang on
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