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Notice to the awful tp-ers

I am guessing whoever tped my house is a elowel kid...because they tped maddy too and well we don't have TOO many friends in common. So this is a notice to those dumb dumb children. That was THE WORST tp job i've ever seen....1) you got two of my neighbors cars... 2) you only had one strand on each car 3) You didn't realize my car was the green one...I just bought it.

You are pitiful pitiful creatures...I am an amazing tper....I took that as an insult to anyone who enjoys vandalizing..

That is all

Avatar david *
08-21-05 17:48
Ross Is. Br.
Why would someone on elowel TP you and madeline? Your journals are in no way connected or well-known. I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. Maybe I should simply confess, as I was out of the state during the TPing.

I think Brit phoned this one in.
Avatar madeline
08-21-05 18:04
what the fuck? who in the hell could it be? we will get them back for sure...and they did suck, what a let down.

Avatar david *
08-21-05 20:44
Ross Is. Br.
Gonan the toiletrarian did it.
Avatar anon *
08-21-05 22:45
because people on elowel really care about what you write here...
Avatar emma223
08-21-05 22:49
I think I speak for the majority when I state.....Anonymous replies SUCK!
Avatar madeline
08-22-05 00:38
fuck you david!
jk. jk. haha.

don't forget we are gonna have online drinking games! it will be rad...i will win, then proceed to throw up on the white carpet.
Avatar manderpander
08-22-05 12:30
david is an ass hole....what else is new.

p.s. muitple people from the drama dept are on elowel and that is really the only way maddy and i are connected
Avatar madeline
08-22-05 16:45
yeah...that's right amanda, and it's a strong connection. so back off people, amanda and i got each others back.
Avatar manderpander
08-22-05 16:52
yeah what she said!!! I <3 you maddy!!
Avatar chucho *
09-03-05 01:31
Breathe deep
at first i thought you were refering to the following... but i dont think you were

"...then I almost ran into a girl walking up my street. Running up the street, actually. No, there were four girls.. and they all had glow bracelets.. hmm, wonder why they're.. oh. They had just TPed Sam Knee's house. It was time for a high speed chase!

I raced down the street, jumped out of the car and ran downstairs.

"Boys!" I said to my brother and his friends, "no time to explain! Get upstairs and into the car!!"

We all hurried up. The girls were gone.

"There was four of them," I said, "one was a bit over weight and had her hair back in a pony tail."

The boys were pretty sure they knew which four girls had done the act. This was the third time this summer they had done it.

We sped up Theissen and then headed to Strawberry Lane, where the leader of the girls lived. She wasn't home but her parents gave us the location of the sleepover.

Regrouping in the car, the boys decided they would keep in touch with the girl's older brother and find out when the best time for REVENGE would be. Listening to them brainstorm ideas made me feel a bit sorry for the girls, but cleaning up toliet paper is hard, so I don't feel too bad."
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