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mr quinn is my hero

My perfect world::

-With James
-Have my amazing friends
-Not attending CCC
-Studying directing under Quinn
-Being involved in New Century Players
-Working at Seattles Best

I am not with James officially yet, and I'm still supposed to go to CCC. Everything else above I have either set in stone or in the works. Quinn e-mailed me today and asked me to guest direct the spring show (Childrens hour possibly) and co-direct it with him. He also offered me the opportunity to possibly asst direct for Kelley Marchant getting my foot in the door with New Century Players. Apparently they are in need of directors for the upcoming season. I was not only flattered and honored but dumb founded that Quinn would say something like "Amanda, I really would look forward to working with you on a project." This man has been the one I've looked up to the most in my life. He not only would LET me but would LIKE to work with me. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm in an amazing mood but I have been very quiet and thoughful all day. It seems all too good to be true. Quinn and I are going to lunch or coffee soon where we will map out all the details to OUR show....that sounds amazing I won't lie :0)

Avatar emma223
07-30-05 11:40
Amanda, you amaze me.
Avatar manderpander
07-30-05 12:39
I love you emma. I miss you. Thank you for being so supportive and always believing I could do amazing things. :0)
Avatar manderpander
07-30-05 22:05
I FREAKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOO!...you don't even know! I am calling you. I vote we have like a two am lawn party tonight :0)
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