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Good night... 07-19-05 02:25
I had a good night. I am pretty fond of my best friend. I mean I have always been but tonight was a subtle reminder as to why I kind of love her. Montage was great as always, i'm pretty sure we've been there most every night this summer. Bits leaves in a month, I am no longer sad, i'm excited finally. We ran into david and some other elowel was neat. I spiced up davids tea ;0) lol. I missed that kid, I hope to see him soon before he leaves for school. Ummmm I really like nights where I kind of just hang out with my friend she's pretty tight. I'm kind of a bigger fan than I used to be.
I <3 her mucho

oh jessi has fat cheeks..its cute i love her. Also cody, no I do not fall in love easy, its just easy to write about it where I know he will never see it. but i'm not IN LOVE, I am in like alot...big difference.