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OH OH 01-04-05 23:09
OH PRAY FOR SNOW!!!!!! woo hoo!!!
fuck stress 01-04-05 23:08
I am stressed out....i have a to do list 46 items long this week....FUUUUUCK that. Which also means I should not be doing this right now...there for I am out bitches!
interesting winter break 12-29-04 23:58
I've had an interesting winter break, and hung out with people I didn't think I would. I assumed i'd hang out with my normal friends that I hang out with all the time, but rather i've hung out with linds a lot, craig, matt a few times, and a weird mix of other people. I have hung out with my normal friends like twice I think too. Its been really really chill though. I've enjoyed myself. I went over to Akeems house tonight with linds and we hung out for a bit, then we went to Katie Hoyts for a bit and, we wished her a happy birthday and that was fun. Then we came back here after a while and linds, kenny, kevin, jason, erica, britney, keisha and a kid named shaun showed up, we hung out for a bit and then parted our seperate ways. I am going to Albany tomorrow and I'm WAY stoked to see my boys!!!! I am gonna hang out with them til sat, i'm kinda sad I won't be here to party it up at Kenny's he was bummed i'm not coming, but oh well, there will be other parties. Sooooo I'll be in Albany as of tomorrow night at about 1 am. I am supposed to go somewhere with britt tomorrow night for my christmas present but I haven't really talked to her much this week, so I'll call her tomorrow...that is about it i'm going to bed night night!
life is interesting 12-27-04 01:16
life is so interesting at times..... I had no idea that I was insecure about certain things, but I am. Oh well, it doesn't really help when the people that you are close to make you feel worse about those things without knowing.
merry christmas 12-24-04 10:38
MERRY CHRISTMAS...eve!!! Have a good one. I am off to get ready for the family party tonight. Later kids have fun on this commercialized American holiday...yay for presents!

my old friends 12-20-04 20:09
i miss my old friends a lot...don't get me wrong i love my new friends. But i mean my old best friends were so different and i wish we were still close. It is not that i want to ever replace britt by any means she is amazing....but do you ever have those times when you wish you could still just call up an old friend and chat. I wish I could, and i know i can't. There are some of my old friends that don't even acknowledge me when they see me, cause we're in different social circles.....its lame. I am talking like even old friends from grade school even....i wish i could just talk to them and see how different they are. its not that i don't love my new friends though, they are more than i could ever ask for and i wouldn't replace any of them

but do you ever wish you could talk to the friends from the past?
back again 12-18-04 12:50
well life is really busy so i haven't had time to update at all. BUT i am back. The one act is hectic but going well, taking up most of my time. Between working on that and re-writing the inner circle script for my SSE. All and all i've been pretty busy, lots of college stuff and the more i try to narrow down my list the more i realize i have no idea what i want out of my school. SOOOO I think what I am going to end up doing is going to PSU with callie and moving out...who head hurts and i keep coughing...i'm going to wash my car, i'll update later
no school for amanda 11-23-04 10:38
I am not feeling well so i'm not going to school today. I am gonna be missing quinn classes which sucks a bunch, but i'll live. I have to go back for rehearsal i think though so we'lllll see how that works out. I may just call Alex and say EFF it, cause I have to run rehearsal tomorrow with out her so she can deal without me. I am so bored I hate being home sick! GOD I AM LIVID!!! I was in the shower and I missed a call from brittany rose hay....that lil fucker. and i can't call her back cause my phone sucks a lot!
odd so many putnam kids 11-19-04 17:56
hmmm I was talking to david and remembered he had one of these things so searched around until i found it....anyway this is amanda iannetta....thought i'd play along since so many damn kids have them now. holler back bitches!
Hello, 11-19-04 17:54
My name is manderpander. I'm new to elowel.
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