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College is dumb.. 09-16-05 18:13
I hate college, it has taken away virtually all of my friends
09-09-05 13:19
Its always been a mystery to me,
How two hearts can come together,
And love can last forever.
But now that I have found you I believe,
That a miracle has come when God sends the perfect one.
So gone are all my questions about why,
And i've never been so sure of anything in my life


Oh I wonder what God was thinking,when he created you.
I wonder if He knew everything I would need,
Because he made all my dreams come true.
When God made you, He must have been thinking about me.


Ooo ooo,I promise that wherever you may go, wherever life may lead you,
With all my heart I'll be there too.
And from this moment on I want you to know,
I'll let nothing come between us, and I will love the ones you love.
(guy):So gone are all my questions about why (girl echoes):about why

Duet:Oh I wonder what God was thinking when he created you,
I wonder if He knew everythin I would need,
Because He made all my dreams come true.
When God made you He must've been thinking about me.


He made the sun He made the moon,
To harmonize a perfect tune,
One can't do without the other they just have to be together.
And that is how I know its true,
Your for me and i'm for you and my world
Just cant be right without you in my life


(guy) He must have heard every prayer I've been praying (girl echo)
I've been praying (both)He must've knew everything I would need

When God made you, He must've been thinking about me.

NEWS NEWS!!! 09-02-05 22:48
James Jorgesen and I are dating now....I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!
I am guessing whoever tped my house is a elowel kid...because they tped maddy too and well we don't have TOO many friends in common. So this is a notice to those dumb dumb children. That was THE WORST tp job i've ever seen....1) you got two of my neighbors cars... 2) you only had one strand on each car 3) You didn't realize my car was the green one...I just bought it.

You are pitiful pitiful creatures...I am an amazing tper....I took that as an insult to anyone who enjoys vandalizing..

That is all
weiiiiiird 08-19-05 19:13
my best friend in the whole world is gone....she's really gone
I have put it off that this day would never come but it has.... I am weird when I get sad, I don't eat well, I sleep funny and I am just sluggish (maybe those things are all super normal) Saying goodbye to my best friend might just be one of the hardest things I have to do. She has been the best friend I could have asked for....

I am not even good at goodbyes.

well I have 14 hours to get good at them....
Show on Friday 08-03-05 23:19
I am going to the New Century Players show on friday. Anybody else want to come?
mr quinn is my hero 07-30-05 01:20
My perfect world::

-With James
-Have my amazing friends
-Not attending CCC
-Studying directing under Quinn
-Being involved in New Century Players
-Working at Seattles Best

I am not with James officially yet, and I'm still supposed to go to CCC. Everything else above I have either set in stone or in the works. Quinn e-mailed me today and asked me to guest direct the spring show (Childrens hour possibly) and co-direct it with him. He also offered me the opportunity to possibly asst direct for Kelley Marchant getting my foot in the door with New Century Players. Apparently they are in need of directors for the upcoming season. I was not only flattered and honored but dumb founded that Quinn would say something like "Amanda, I really would look forward to working with you on a project." This man has been the one I've looked up to the most in my life. He not only would LET me but would LIKE to work with me. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm in an amazing mood but I have been very quiet and thoughful all day. It seems all too good to be true. Quinn and I are going to lunch or coffee soon where we will map out all the details to OUR show....that sounds amazing I won't lie :0)
lesson learned.... 07-25-05 00:23
I truly believe that we have to fall down hard to learn how to stand on our own.

It is so hard to watch someone you love dearly fall. To know that you can’t just offer them your hand over and over again, there comes a point when you have to let them pick themselves up and dust off…alone. I wish I could do something. I wish I could be in control. I wish I could learn the lessons for them. I wish I could put them in a bubble so they would never hurt. BUT some smart dumb ass (it's fully possible trust me) once said "the only lessons that mean anything to you are the ones learned the hard way." I know it’s the truth.... but it still is hard to watch your friends get battered and bruised. I know that in the end my friends will come out on top, but some part of me wants to solve all their problems for them...which is selfish and just enables people to continue making bad choices and never have to learn. I am controlling, over bearing and I smother people….maybe this is why. Maybe it’s just that I hope to god that they never have to experience some of the shitty things I have in my life. If I can stop them from having some of the bad memories that I do…I feel like I’ve done something great? I like to try and spend every moment with people if I’m worried about them to keep my eye on them. That isn’t my job, yet I’ve appointed myself the position. When really I’m sure at times having me as a friend just feels like a hanging out with your parents. I want to let loose and have fun, which I think I do a great deal of, but sometimes I catch myself being so overly cautious that I could be letting moments pass. With some people I have very few left and can I really afford to let any of them go?

p.s. I love my life.

p.p.s. I miss Jessica Anne
Good night... 07-19-05 02:25
I had a good night. I am pretty fond of my best friend. I mean I have always been but tonight was a subtle reminder as to why I kind of love her. Montage was great as always, i'm pretty sure we've been there most every night this summer. Bits leaves in a month, I am no longer sad, i'm excited finally. We ran into david and some other elowel was neat. I spiced up davids tea ;0) lol. I missed that kid, I hope to see him soon before he leaves for school. Ummmm I really like nights where I kind of just hang out with my friend she's pretty tight. I'm kind of a bigger fan than I used to be.
I <3 her mucho

oh jessi has fat cheeks..its cute i love her. Also cody, no I do not fall in love easy, its just easy to write about it where I know he will never see it. but i'm not IN LOVE, I am in like alot...big difference.
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